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Who do we ship with?
We are currently sending out all packages by priority shipping via United States Postal Service (USPS).
Are there any cost or weight restrictions?
There are no cost restrictions, but we are unable to ship candy unless it weighs a pound or more. Please be sure that you have at least 16oz (1-Lb) of candy weight in your cart before trying to check out. If your total candy weight is below 16oz you will NOT be able to check out.
When will my package go out?
The majority of packages will go out the same day or next business day as the order is placed. During busier times of the year (ex. Christmas, Easter), please expect delays. We recommend placing your order 1-2 weeks in advance during holiday times. Upon request, we will hold off shipping until a certain date.
How long will it take to arrive?
Delivery times will vary dependent on zip code. On average, NY shipping take about 1-2 days, and California shipping take about 4-5 days. Please note than once the package leaves our building, we do not have control over how long it takes to arrive. We try our best to provide our customers with a tracking number. If you do not receive one upon the day of shipment, please call the store for assistance.
Can I ship chocolate in the summer?
During the warmer times of year, we will offer to add thermo-insulated packaging as well as ice packs to your order to reduce the risk of melting. This will add a small fee to the shipping cost but is WELL WORTH IT! We have had great luck getting chocolate to their destinations in once piece thanks to this special packaging, but we always recommend checking the temperature of here AND where it is going before deciding to ship any chocolate items.