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How do I order for curbside pickup?
You may place an order with us online or over the phone to set up a curbside pickup. If you are placing an order ONLINE, you will need to enter your shipping address as the following: 623 Park Ave, Rochester, NY, 14607. This will give you the option to choose FREE curbside pickup rather than Priority Shipping. (**Please note that you need to make sure your BILLING address is your mailing address and different from the shipping address).
Are there any cost or weight restrictions?
There are no weight or cost restrictions! You may order whatever and however much candy you'd like!
How will I know when my order is ready to be picked up?
Please do not attempt to pick up your order unless you have been notified that your order is ready. If you are placing your order ONLINE, please check your email (and spam folder). You will not only receive an order confirmation email, but will get a second email once it is ready for pickup. If you are placing your order over the phone, we will discuss pickup times with you. You are more than welcome to call the store at any time to check if your order is ready for pickup.
How long will it take be ready?
We try our best to accommodate orders the same day, however, please allow 24 hours for us to fulfill your order. Please note that during busy times of the year (Ex. Christmas, Easter) there may be some delays.
Where do I go to pick up my order? Do I need to park?
We would love for you to see our store! If you would like to come inside and pick up your order you are more than welcome to, but we understand that this is not possible for everyone. If you would like to pick up CURBSIDE, you do not need to park. Pick up is on the side street (Vassar Street) by our side ramp. We ask that you pull your car over to the left side of the street to allow other traffic to pass as you wait. Please call the store pickup phone at (585) 481-6876. We will ask you for the NAME ON THE ORDER and bring your candy out to you! It will only take a minute or two. Easy Peasy!