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Peanut Butter Cows
Cocoa Almonds
Bridge Mix
Mint Lentils
Chocolate Covered Gummies
Peanut Butter Truffles
Rice Krispies Clusters
Cashew Clusters
Peanut Clusters
Raisin Clusters
Coconut Clusters
Golf Balls
Sea Salt Caramels
Wrapped Caramels
Graham Crackers & S'mores
Cookie Treats
72% Dark Chocolate
High Cacao Truffles
Coffee Beans
Nut Bark
Chocolate Cigars
Rochester Molds
Rochester Bars
Hard Candy Suckers
Summer Gummies
Chocolate Dipped Oreos
Truffle Bars
Non Pareil Stars
Sport Balls
Stever's Bars
Fortune Cookies
Turkey Joints
Birthday Molds
Birthday Truffles
Peanut Butter Cups
Assorted Bagged Candy
Specialty Gummies
Everyday Sour Gummies
Everyday Gummies
Malt Balls
Bagged Seeds & Nuts
Infused Chocolates
Panned Fruits
Dipped Shortbread
Bagged Mints
Chocolate Covered Walnuts
Bagged Caramels
Dipped Twizzle-Sticks
Caramel Corn
Dutch Salt Licorice
Cinnamon Buttons
Butterscotch Buttons
Sour Balls
Horehound Drops
Ginger Hard Candy
Candy Jar Assortment
Filled Raspberries
Fruit Flashers
Rootbeer Barrels
Starlight Mints
Coffee Prims
Anise Squares
Roasted Nuts
Vanilla Marshmallows
Sponge Candy
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Cashew & Pecan Glaze
Orange Milk Chocolate
Wintergreen Patties
Peppermint Patties
Cordial Cherries
Crystallized Maple
French Creams
Vanilla Caramels
Fruits & Ginger
Double Espresso Bark
Very Berry Bark
Butter Toffee Bark
Orange Chip Bark
Butter Creams
Molasses Honeycomb Chips
Hostess Mints
Sherbet Squares
Fruit Slices
Non Pareils
Almond Butter Crunch
Crisp & Chewy Assortment
Dark Assortment
Milk & Dark Assortment
Milk Assortment
Soft Assortment
Double Dark Fudge Sauce
Salt Water Taffy
Fresh Fudge
Pecan Logs
Chocolate Roses
Decorated Cups
Chocolate Aspirin (1)
M&M Patties
Golden Ticket
Chocolate Pansies
Chocolate Sneakers
Chocolate Cars
Chocolate Baby Booties
2-Pack Turkey Joints
Chocolate Drops
Cream Wafers
Graduation Toys
Boxed Sports Balls
Graduation Truffle Box
Chocolate Grad Cap
Baseball Mitt and Ball
Basketball Square
Skis and Boot
Black Jack
Credit Card
Lottery Ticket
Puzzle Pieces
Fire Truck
Volkswagen Bug
Stock Cars
Sports Cars
Foiled Butterflies
Baby Ducky
Baby Face Flower
It's a Boy or Girl Flower
Foiled Police Badge
Flip Flops
5$ Bill & Change
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Musical Note
Kara Marsh
Monkey Pop
Unicorn Pop
Princess Pop
Peace Pop
Mermaid Pop
Champagne Glass Pop
Dave the Cat Pop
Hello Kitty Pop
Foiled Baby Feet
Mesh Bag Fish
Foiled Stars ~ Dark
Musical Note
School Bus
Teddy Bear Flat
Ice Hockey Puck
Sweet Tooth
Small Dog Bones
Jumbo Dog Bones
TV Remote
Pizza Slice
Slot Machine
Small Hammer
Stever's Smart Phone
Unicorn Bar
Small Unicorn
Diet Pills
Thomas the Train
Cookies & Cream ~ Oreo Bark
Bride & Groom
Peanut Patties
Almond Patties
Cashew Patties
Raisin Patties
Coconut Patties
Krispie Patties
3-D Baseball
3-D Soccer Ball
3 Little Mice
Horse & Horse Shoe
Large Foot Print
Polar Bear with Globe
Chicken Wings & PB Dip
Drizzle Corn
Photo Box Assortment
Potato Chip Bark
Peppermint Caramels
Large Alligator
Theater Ticket
Baseball Player
Pretty Kitty
Chain Saw
Power Drill
Basket Ball Pop
High Heel Shoe
Hazelnut Truffles
Mother's Day Rose Bouquet
Gardening Set
Basket of Flowers
Milk Chocolate Golf Bag
Mother's Day Truffle Box
Bagged Spring Pansies
Lilac Festival Truffles
Spring Tulip Truffles
Happy Spring ~ Truffle Box